Why Hire A Professional?

Hiring a professional lawn care company that understands the delicate balance of your lawn’s nutrient requirements and  protection of the environment is extremely important. This knowledge will make it easier for the homeowner to maintain a eco friendly and healthy lawn.  Fertilizers provide the nutrients for a healthy lawn but excess nutrients ruin the environment.  An unknowing, well intentioned homeowner can easily over fertilize their lawn.  This over fertilization produces excess nutrients in the environment which stimulate algae growth, reduce light infiltration and reduces dissolved oxygen in our water systems, which ultimately damages our environment and wildlife.



A healthy lawn improves the environment

Healthy Lawn Benefits


Receive and give great benefits from your healthy lawn!


A healthy lawn, maintained in a responsible manner, is a huge benefit to the environment.  Healthy turf has the ability to absorb, conserve and filter water.  Your healthy lawn can slow storm water runoff and reduce sediment movement which, protect rivers, lakes and streams.

Your healthy lawn can store carbon which helps clean the environment.  For example, one soccer field can offset the carbon produced by a car driven 3,000 miles.


Believe it or not your healthy lawn can actually help cool the environment.  Each shoot of grass engages a process called transpiration.  Transpiration helps reduce temperatures by dissipating high levels of radiation.  Researchers at Brigham Young University have recorded turf temperatures that are 20 degrees than bare soils and 40 degrees cooler than synthetic turf! (Williams and Pulley, 2002)


Safety is also a benefit of a healthy lawn.   A soft resilient lawn is a much safer place for your family to recreate.  As an example Harper et al. (1984) indicated that poor field conditions were responsible for 20.9 % of high school football injuries.


Lastly, your healthy lawn produces lots of oxygen.  A 50 ft x 50 ft healthy lawn produces enough oxygen for a family of four.  The turf in Maryland alone generates enough oxygen for approximately 80 million people!



Material in this page adapted from Maryland Professional Lawn Care Manual (2013)




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