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Once again, via Planet Friendly Pest Control, home owners in Southern Maryland, Northern Virginia and South West Pennsylvania experience some of the best professional lawn care available within the industry.


There is a difference between a “ wild meadow” and a “lawn”.  Meadows occur naturally and exist in every grassy space left to Mother Nature and a lawn mower.  A lawn on the other hand requires regular feeding, monitoring, weed and disease control.  


The Planet Friendly Pest Control fertilization programs are custom and specific to each customer’s lawn.  We manage your lawn care with the goal of achieving the highest quality lawn while at the same time preventing runoff into storm drains and ultimately our water supply.


Problem Solving 


One of the key aspects of a healthy lawn is having a consistent monitoring effort. Our technicians will monitor your lawn and keep you in the loop regarding lawn issues and various solutions.  Our process of inspection and monitoring reduces pesticide use by 80% which, is better for your family and the environment.


Season Long Grub Control 


A common miss understanding is missing the connection between grub control and insects like Japanese Beetles.  Maintaining a consistent season long grub control program will help with beetle infestation which can cause serious damage to your land scape. Our service provides a superb season long grub control for your lawn and landscape


Our Lawn Program


  1. Spring ( Mid Feb / Early April)An application of a balanced fertilizer with pre-emergent crab grass control dimension Spot treatment of broadleaf weed control
  2. Late Spring (End April / May)An application of a balanced fertilizer with pre-emergent crab grass control dimension Spot treatment of broadleaf weed control
  3. Early Summer (June  / July)A balanced fertilizer, broadleaf weed control, nutsedge suppression and an inspection for surface feeding insects
  4. Early Summer (June / July) FREE Season long grub control applied with early summer visit
  5. Late Summer (Aug / Sept)A balanced fertilizer, broadleaf weed control and an inspection and treatment for surface feeding insects
  6. Fall (Oct / Mid Nov)Poly plus & biosolids to promote thickening of turf plus broadleaf weed control, inspection for insects and treatment if needed
  7. Winter (Nov / Dec)A winter feeding of Limestone and/or Gypsum



Planet Friendly Pest Control is proud to serve Northern Virginia (City of AlexandriaFairfax County Arlington County) and Southern Maryland (Prince George's CountyCharles CountySt Mary's CountyCalvert CountyAnne Arundel County)


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