Before any treatment is applied we perform a comprehensive inspection. We point out areas that may be conducive to insect infestation and suggest solutions. (Often, problem areas can be remedied without the use of insecticide products.) We then prescribe a custom treatment for each individual home based on what we find. The result of the effort is that we have been able to significantly reduce the amount of insecticide products we apply around each home.


Our focus is to provide a bug-reduced environment for each client, apply the least amount of insecticide products, and assist in finding non-chemical solutions to keep insects outside where they belong.

Your yard is host to many animal visitors.  Squirrels, mice, rabbits, fox, opossum, raccoon and deer are common hosts for ticks and fleas. Mosquitoes are everywhere. These parasites and pests are vectors for serious diseases that affect people and pets.  Make sure your outdoor spaces are protected.  The goal of our blood feeding insect protection program is to reduce the level of mosquitoes, ticks and fleas using natural products during each treatment. 

Our All Natural Pest Control Service is the perfect answer for the client who  wants a natural solution. This service requires a minimum four treatments per year. Early-spring, Late-spring/Early-summer, Late-summer and Fall. Our All Natural treatment provides the ultimate result without the use of synthetic pyrethroids or neonicotinoid chemicals. A slight to moderate fragrance  accompanies this treatment due to the use of essential plant oils.

The goal of our low-impact service is to provide a bug-reduced environment with
three exterior applications a year. We apply a Spring, Summer and early Fall
application of product, often without using common poisonous baits,  neonicotinoid or synthetic pyrethroids. On the occasions where such products are suggested to solve a more serious problem, their use is limited, specifc and targeted.

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