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Restored Crawl Space

A clean and healthy crawl space makes for a clean and healthy living space





  1. Our Process


Before any recommendations are given we conduct a thorough inspection of the crawl space and surrounding environment.  We learn where, why and how sources of moisture are entering the crawl space. Once we understand the situation and existing conditions we sit down with the home owners and discuss what we found, what it means to the health of their home and available options.


Crawl space remediation is not a one size fits all kind of situation.  The conditions that exist and the financial ability of the owners to solve crawl space problems are key elements in developing a solution for any given crawl space.  Our goal is to is to clearly understand the problem and then discuss all of the various options of solving it with the owners to identify the best resolution. 


With our recommended treatment you gt a Clean, Sanitized, Protected, Insulated, Pest Free crawl space!






Minimum Standard

Prepare Crawl Space









Protect Wood



Re-Insulate Sub Floor



Eliminate Crawling Insect Threat



Odor Elimination



Manage Air Flow



Moisture Barrier



Foam Insulation on Walls




  1. Prepare the crawl space  


To prepare the crawl space for remediation can include several steps.  The crawl space may need to have some excavation work done to allow access to the entire space. Some kind of ground water management work may need to be done like the installation of a French drain system and sump pump  Once any ground work has been completed everything else comes out of the crawl space; insulation, moisture barrier, stored items and other debris.


  1. Disinfect


Crawl spaces can be breeding grounds for all kinds of bacteria, viruses and fungus.  Often there are animal feces, nesting materials, fungus, sewage and other dangerous debris.  One option that many owners chose is to sanitize the crawl at this point.  This is done with a liquid treatment that kills hundreds of viruses and bacteria.


  1. Clean


We can clean all of the components of the crawl space that have been stained by mold; the wood floor joists, beams and subfloor exposed to the crawl space.  This cleaning prepares the wood for a protective treatment against mold, fungi, and wood destroying insects.


  1. Protect wood from mold, fungi, termites carpenter ants and wood boring beetles


We treat the wood with a liquid application that kills existing fungi and prevents future infestations from wood destroying organisms and insects


  1. Re-insulate subfloor


Once the treatment is dry we re-install insulation in the crawl space


  1. Eliminate crawling insect threat


Before the new vapor barrier is installed we can treat the crawl with a long lasting granular insecticide.  This goes a long way to protect against future crawling insect infestation within the crawl space.


  1. Odor Elimination


At this point an additional treatment we can apply is probiotic spray that will eliminate musty odors and smells from rodents and other pests.


  1. Manage the air flow


Before the new vapor barrier is installed we turn our attention to managing the air within the crawl space.  In most case we will recommend a dehumidifying system.


  1. Re-install moisture barrier


We install a poly vapor barrier that locks out any moisture and rising dampness from the ground within the crawl space.


  1. Foam insulation on walls


Lastly, we can attach insulation boards to exterior-facing walls of the crawl.  This adds a finishing layer of protection from seasonal changes that impact the air within the crawl space.

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